ABOUT Riftcot

We offer our clients tailor made financial options.

The company prides itself in direct sourcing from the origin, supply chain management and end to end logistical solutions.

Riftcot Limited was formed in mid 2004 after its founders discovered that their cotton and commodity business was growing at an ever increasing rate. Starting from their office in Nairobi and concentrating within the East African Region. Demand soon out stripped supply and turnover grew. Now Riftcot Limited operates across most countries in Africa, the Indian Sub continent and the Far East. Here are the products that we specialize in

  • Cotton - Medium sample, hand picked raw cotton in bales
  • Bitumen - Penetration grades, oxidised, cutback and emulisified bitumens
  • Bulk Commodities - cement clinker, cement and coal
  • Electricity Generation - renewable and non renewable resources
  • Off Grid Lighting - Personal LED powered with PSV olar panels to home power packs